EU Projects

Drawing up a non-binding guide to good practice with a view to implementation of Directive 2002/44/EC (vibrations), Project No. VC/2004/0341
Risks of occupational vibration exposures, Project No. QLK4-2001-02650
Evaluation and improvement of suspension seat vibration isolation performance, Project No. G3RD-CT-2002-00827
Research network on detection and prevention of injuries due to occupational vibration exposures, Project No. BMH4-CT98-3251
Testing suspension seats for end-stop impacts, Project No. SMT4-CT97-2161
Rational approach for reduction of motion sickness & improvement of passenger comfort and safety in sea transportation, Project No. G3RD-CT-2002-00809
Grip-force Mapping for characterisation of hand-held vibrating tools
Fast and comfortable trains, Project No. GRD2/2000/30321